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Supermarket Shelves

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Supermarket Gondolas Wall Supermarket Shelves


Store Shelving, Displays & Accessories

Pegboard, Slatwall, & Gridwall Wire Display Hooks & Accessories

All types of product display hooks, slatwall hooks & shelf brackets, gridwall hooks, waterfall displayers, adjustable knife brackets, tube brackets, waterfall hangers and a whole lot more. 

Retail Store Countertop System

Gondola Countertops are great for Convenience a Store, Gas Station, or Liquor Store cash register counter that will also display small products such as Candy, Beef Jerky, Potato Chips, and also Counter Spinners on the top of the countertop.

Slat Wall Panels

Slatwall panels and island displays all at a reduced costs.

4-Way Display Shelves

4-Way Merchandiser Display Shelving

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Gondola 1/2 Wall Shelving

Gondola Island Shelving

Auto Part Store Battery Display

Pallet Racking System

Clothing & Garment Racks

Supermarket Glass Shelves

Heavy Duty Shelves

柠檬红包扫雷官网注册码welcome to e system sales, inc. wire display website.  e system sales, inc. is one of the nations largest supplier of all types of merchandise displays such as gondola & half gondola store shelving, all types of bottle displays from soda bottles to wine bottles, affordable wire grid displays like h displays, t displays, & i displays designed as see through merchandisers that ultimately display items allowing shoppers to see most of the rest of your store in a single glance.

With store fixtures items warehoused & manufactured nationally across the US we can meet the needs of the entire US with affordable shipping rates to east coast states like Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and more.  On the west coast Los Angeles and all of California, Las Vegas and all of Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah, and more.

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Wire Fence & Shelf Dividers

Wire Fence & Shelf Dividers

The solution for maintaining separation of school, office and art supplies. Dividers are 3 3/4" wide x 7 3/4" high x 6 3/4" deep. The dividers clip into front shelf perforations. Minimum product width is 6". End dividers are sold separately and in pairs.

Soda Bottle Wire Dividers

Soda Bottle Wire Displays

Ideal for merchandising bottled soft drinks. It is available for either two or three liter bottles. Both options hold 30 bottles and includes a sign holder that extends above the unit. Sign holder will accommodate customer-supplied signage.

Set on high quality casters, this display may be transported from one location to another when merchandised. Includes wire sign holder that can be clamped onto the rack from which customer-supplied signage may be suspended.

Security Surveillance Cameras

What is happening in your store while you are not there?

Wire Grid Baskets & Shelving

Wire Grid Baskets & Shelving

Wire shelves, baskets and more for Grid Displays and Wire Grid Systems


Light Weight Wire Grid Power Wings

Light Weight Wire Grid Power Wings

Power Wing Panels Features: ?1" spacing between wires? ?Solid side rail design? ?Lightweight, nests for compact shipping? ?Mount with cable ties or optional mounting kits Size: 16"W x 48"H Color: White

Chip Display Racks and Merchandisers


All types of potato chip style display racks and merchandisers for counters and floor

Magazine Racks & Displayers

Magazine Racks & Displayers

Display magazines or other literature with this easy-to-install rack. Install by placing welded hooks over the open tubing of an end frame. Contains four individual pockets to display multiple magazines or other publications.

Wine Bottle Wire Display

Wine Bottle Wire Display

the wire wine display is capable of holding several varieties of wine bottles. the two top slanted stationary shelves facilitate the consumers ability to see the labels of the wine bottles that may be stacked in the wire bins below.

This display requires minimal space, and it offers an organized display of fine beverages. This display also includes 11/4?metal tag mold. Load capacity is 450 lbs  

Wire Type Slat and Grid Displays

Wire Type Slat Grid Displays - Wire Type Slat and Grid Displays

  Four Way Island, I Shaped, H Shaped, and T Shaped wire grid island type displayers for all types of merchandise.  One good thing about these types of displays are they are see through so shoppers can get a better view of your whole store.

Wall Mountable and Ceiling Mountable Wire Slat Grid Panels

Many sizes available in 48" heights, 60" heights, and 84" heights, with widths available in 12" widths, 24" widths, and 48" win colors white and black

Three Inch On Center Grid Wall Panels

Three Inch On Center Grid Wall Panels

Used to create all types of wall and island merchandisers and displayers.

Wire Paper Shelves & Racks


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